All Birds (including our Birders' Collection)

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We are amateur birders, but we noticed all bird books and lists put the birds in the same order. For the convenience of our more serious birding friends we have put our images in that same order, which we downloaded from the eBird taxonomy page.

The names of birds that can be found in Florida are shown with yellow-green background and those found in other parts of the United States are shown with a darker green background.

For the benefit of our birder friends, we have included birds in this list that are not in our regular collection. The photo quality and/or informational content of these bird's webpages may or may not meet the same high standards as the images in our regular collection.   Images in this collection are signified by an orange border around the title.

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Potoos & Oilbird


and Coots

Pelecaniforms (larger waterbirds)

Cormorants and Anhingas


Diurnal Birds of Prey (Vultures, Hawks, and allies)



and allies

Cardinals, Grosbeaks,
and allies