Our "Regular Collection" is the group of images we can print on any medium herein described at any size in 1/16" increments up to the particular size limits of each file. They are all shown on this website. We now have over 100 images in our "Regular Collection".

Gift Certificates

We can give a gift certificate for any amount. See details by clicking on Gift Certificates.

Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card

We place everything in our "regular collection", on an SD card. The images are formatted to fit in an 800 pixel by 600 pixel digital picture frame, but they also look great on your computer or TV.

Photo Note Cards

In these handmade cards, Nancy places a 3.5" by 5" image on a colored border with a hand written subject and location. This is placed on the front of 4.25" by 5.5" folded card stock. The back of the card is signed. The card has blank space inside for messages and includes an envelope. Some people prefer to keep the cards for themselves, and even frame them. Click here to see a sample. To learn more about our special edition Cape Florida Lighthouse note cards, go to our blog.

Small Matted Prints

We have an assortment of mostly 5" by 7" prints from our regular collection in single 8" by 10" mats. The prints are not signed and the mat may or may not meet our current standards on conservation quality. Images and mat options may be limited.


We can print any of our images on any of the different papers listed on the Media Choices page, and we can finish them in any fashion described on that page, subject to the below comments. Nancy numbers and signs all of our prints that are larger than 144 square inches (one square foot). You can check our blog for our current numbering policy and our technique and philosophy for printing signatures.

Just Prints

As discussed in the services page, we would need to know if you want the image to be borderless, and if you are using a standard-sized mat.

Mounted Prints

This option is only available by special request.

Matted Prints

For Nancy's work, we use conservation matting and will adjust print and mat size to fit standard frames (although some pieces in our current inventory may not meet these standards).

Framed Pieces

Any of our images can be framed. While framing our own images, we again use conservation-quality mats and Tru Vue Conservation Reflection Control Glassblog (again, current inventories may not meet newer standards). See "Framing" on the Services page for options.


This is our newest techniqueblog. So far we have very few images in inventory, but would be happy to take special orders.

Canvas Prints

Similarly, all images can be printed on gallery-wrapped canvas. See "Canvas" on the Services page for details. For our images we use the fourth option for treating the sides - digitally stretching the small margin that wraps around the edge (usually at a 4:1 ratio).

Posters For Teachers

We have 17" by 28" signed prints of Pupating Monarch and Emerging Monarch, each laminated on both sides. Other posters covering the life of the Monarch butterfly are in the works.

You can contact us if you have any questions or any new ideas.