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Prices For Services


Size Print 1 Mounted2 Extra Mat3 Framed4 Canvas5 Shipping6
8 x 10 $4 $9 $13 $37 $32 $20
8 x 12 $4 $10 $13 $48 $38 $24
10 x 15 $6 $11 $14 $77 $57 $33
11 x 14 $7 $12 $14 $79 $57 $34
11 x 17 $8 $14 $15 $97 $68 $38
12 x 18 $9 $15 $16 $115 $76 $41
14 x 19 $11 $16 $16 $141 $93 $44
16 x 20 $15 $17 $17 $170 $109 $46
16 x 24 $20 $19 $19 $204 $127 $48
20 x 30 $30 $24 $21 $312 $186 $54
24 x 36 $48 $52 $24 $432 $251 $60

Consider these representative sample sizes. Other sizes are available. Cropping may occur depending on the ratio of height to width of the print requested.

1  Print

If all you want is a print, you need to contact us for the cost of shipping; it should be less than half of the cost shown in the last column. If you order multiple prints, the savings on shipping costs should be even greater.       Return to Prints table.

2  Mounted

This was listed as a separate item only because some people would like us to mount their own prints. If you provide a digital file, add the Print and Mount costs. We will have to determine the shipping cost.       Return to Prints table.

3  Extra Mat

The first mat is included in the "Frame" price. The listed price includes the four cuts required for a simple rectangular opening. Possible embellishments include V-grooves and stepped corners. Embellishments would add $1.50 per cut set-up.       Return to Prints table.

4  Frame

The price listed for framing does not include the cost of printing, since we sometimes frame the prints of others. It does include the price of a simple single mat, and non-glare glass, as well as a picture backing, dust cover, and hanging hardware. For double or triple mats, add one or two times the price given in the "Mat" column, along with whatever embellishments are required. Most simple frames will be included at the above quoted price. Here are some of the frame moulding options available at no extra cost. We will charge extra for larger or fancier frames, however.       Return to Prints table.

5  Canvas

The "Canvas" price includes the printing cost. Hanging hardware is included.

6  Shipping

This is the cost to ship a framed or gallery-wrapped print via UPS Ground or US Postal Service Priority Mail. Please allow about fourteen work days for shipping. If you need your order sooner than that, let us know. It may involve a surcharge. On the other hand, the cost of shipping a printed or mounted image should be less than half the cost listed and we should be able to ship multiple prints for the same cost. Contact us for the shipping cost in this case.       Return to Prints table.

Sales Tax

These prices do not include sales tax. Seven percent tax will be added for Florida residents.

Payment Options

We accept cash (in person), checks, and credit cards.


None of the prices on this page include editing/postprocessing.

If you would like some feature you don't see above, contact us with your request.