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(Photograph by Jose Vassallo. No Florida scrub jays were harmed in the making of this photograph)
Nancy and Bruce (and friends)

Nancy was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and has been taking pictures most of her life. During her forty years as a school teacher, she has used the summers to lead scout groups on camping trips through state and national parks to the far corners of this great country. She has seen every state, and has driven from Miami to Alaska four times. In recent years, she has expanded her horizons on trips with her husband, Bruce, to all seven continents. During her travels, her passion continues to be nature and wildlife photography. Other interests include sailing, canoeing, diving, hiking, bicycle riding, and camping. Since she retired from teaching in 2009, she has devoted her energy to bringing her passion to the public by connecting people with nature through her photographs.

To see pictures of Nancy in action, check out action.html.

Bee Happy Graphics was created in 2007 to produce, display, and sell the photography of Nancy Moreland. We can sell our images in digital form or print our artwork in several sizes and media. We cut our own mats, cut glass, and build frames, so that we can sell our work either framed or unframed. We can even print our images on canvas with a gallery wrap. You can check out our products here.

Alternately, we can perform any of these services on the images of our clients.

Our Photographic Philosophy

This is fine art photography, not photojournalism. Yet we don’t believe we can improve on God’s work. It is our intent to bring the glory of God’s imagination to you without material embellishment. In post-processing, we do correct for the inadequacies of our equipment. We may also simplify the event, possibly by invoking other dimensions, or de-emphasize non-essential components (like our background), but the result will still accurately represent the event as we saw it. In our photography, we do require a skill set that may not be emphasized by more conventional artists, like research and planning, patience, and careful observation. If, as an example of God’s imagination, we want to show you as concisely as possible the breadth of His color spectrum (or gamut) as applied to birds, we cannot obviously invent a bird or alter its appearance (although that is perfectly within our post-processing capabilities). We must find the bird and wait patiently under less-than-ideal conditions for a display that best exemplifies His work. At the same time, we conform to (or tactically break) the same rules of composition as other artists.

Our Vision

To connect people with nature.
To protect threatened and endangered species.
To inspire citizens to safeguard wildlife and the natural world.
To create a better world for both people and wildlife.

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Nancy has received a number of awards, including:

  1. 1st Place for Photography Artfest In The Pines 2021
  2. Honorable Mention at Central Park Art Festival in Winter Haven 2021
  3. Nancy was recognized with several photographs in the Lysmata Publishing book, Thinking Outside The Box: A Beginner's Guide To Topbar Beekeeping, by April Kirkendoll (2019)
  4. 1st Place for Photography at Lutz Arts and Crafts Festival 2019
  5. Merit Award at Temple Terrace Arts & Crafts Festival 2019
  6. Award of Excellence Old Florida Celebration of the Arts in Cedar Key 2019
  7. 1st Place for Photography Artfest In The Pines 2019
  8. Best in Flower Category of Florida Wildlife Federations 2018 Photography Contest
  9. 2nd Place for Photography at Lutz Arts and Crafts Festival in 2018
  10. 3rd Place for Photography at Stuart's ArtsFest 2018
  11. Honorable Mention at Winter Haven's Central Park Arts Festival in 2017
  12. 2nd Place for Photography at Stuart's ArtsFest 2017
  13. 2nd Place for the Helen Aufford Memorial Award at the Lake Wales Arts Festival in 2016
  14. 1st Place for Photography at Stuart's ArtsFest 2016
  15. Honorable Mention at the Woodstock Arts & Crafts Festival in Sunrise, Florida in 2013
  16. An Award of Merit for “God’s Artistry” at the 51st Annual Halifax Art Festival in Daytona Beach in 2013
  17. Best Nature Print Honorable Mention in Group A for “Hovering Hummer” and Best Event Print for ‘Human Tower” in the 2013 Kendall Camera Club Annual Competition
  18. Honorable Mention in 2012 at the Woodstock Arts & Crafts Festival in Sunrise, Florida
  19. The Robert Woodard Award for 1st Place in Photography at the 39th Annual Temple Terrace Community Arts Festival in 2012
  20. First Place at Pioneer Days in High Springs, Florida in 2012
  21. The Billy Marlow Nature Award for Best Nature Print in Group A in the 2011 Kendall Camera Club Annual Competition for “Pineland Fog”. In the same competition, she also received awards for the Best Landscape Print for “The Flow of Life” and Best Pet Print for “Mom’s Best Friend”
  22. Best Wildlife Print in the 2010 Kendall Camera Club Annual Competition
  23. Second Place at Pioneer Days in High Springs, Florida in 2010
  24. Honorable Mention in the 2009 Photo Contest by the Explorer’s Corner for “Arctic Fox”
  25. Nancy was recognized with three photographs in the Falcon Guide book, Birding Florida, by Brian Rapoza (2007); a red-shouldered hawk, limpkins, and an osprey

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Our Workflow

Nancy and her husband, Bruce, do all of their own work. After Nancy captures an image, Bruce will do the post-processing and printing of the pictures using an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 pigment-based inkjet printer on a variety of fine art and photo papers or canvasDetails, and cutting of mats and glass. Together they will do the picture framing or stretching of canvas. They display their work at art shows and exhibitions around Florida.

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Our Equipment

The following lists are partial and are subject to change without notice.


Although Nancy started with Nikon SLR equipment, she changed over to Canon when she entered the digital age in 2005. (For the story on that change, see our FAQ.)



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Come See Us

From late September to early May, we exhibit our photography at art festivals in Florida. There you can come by and see some of our work, whether framed, unframed, or gallery-wrapped and even take some of it home (for a modest fee). Nancy will be glad to explain the story behind each picture. You can find our complete schedule at If you'd like to be notified of upcoming events, or learn about wildlife, or photography, sign up for our blog at

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Contact Us

Several ways to contact us can be found at

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