Rufous-vented Chachalaca (Ortalis ruficauda)


June 22, 2012

Rufous-vented Chachalaca

Nancy got this image while on a trip led by Brian Rapoza for the Tropical Audubon Society to Trinidad and Tobago.

Chachalacas have been compared to turkeys. The Rufous-vented Chachalaca is a medium-sized bird (males about 22.5 oz, females around 19 ounces) about 22 inches long. The live mostly in the tree canopy and can be very noise, especially at dawn. Because fruit is a large part of their diet, they are given credit for regenerating forests.

This bird inhabits northeast Columbia, northern Venezuela, and Tobago. The country of Trinidad & Tobago has two national birds. The Roufous-vented Chachalaca represents Tobago, while the Scarlet Ibis represents Trinidad.

Photographic details: Canon EOS 7D camera w/ EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens set at 250mm. Flash was used. Camera was on f/6.7 for 1/1000 sec at ISO 800.

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