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Ideas For Finishing Your Photographs

Printing, matting, framing, and beyond

For The Artist

What's the best way to make sure my mat cutter arm is square? printable version(.pdf) Excel file (.xls)
Is there another way to adjust my Logan Precision Disk Sander? printable version(.pdf)
Is there a simpler way to set up my Logan Pro Joiner?   printable scales(.jpg) foot-height table(.pdf)
How do I make my own box to ship framed art? printable plans (.pdf).
How do I make display panels like yours? printable plans (.pdf).
Tips For Setting Up Your Booth Canopy
How do I make a frame using different-sized strips of moulding?

For The Customer

What's the best way to display my new art? printable version(.pdf)
How do I hang my new acrylic photograph? printable version(.pdf)
How do I take care of my new picture? printable version(.pdf)