Nancy In Action

Nancy On Humpback

Nancy snorkeling with whales on Silver Banks, north of the Dominican Republic March 16, 2006 with Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris. Photograph was taken by fellow photographer Lynne Edwards. You can read more about this story at Nancy On Humpback Whale.

Nancy On Bike Hike

Nancy on bike hike in Everglades National Park April 21, 2007 with friend, fellow teacher, and amateur photographer Jose Vassallo. Photograph was taken by technical support staff.

Red Mangrove Maze

Nancy canoeing on the Turner River just south of the Tamiami Trail (US-41) east of Ochopee, Florida May 3, 2008. Photograph was taken by technical support staff. See details at Red Mangrove Maze.

Nancy And Polar Bear

Nancy on tundra rover in Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Manitoba, Canada November 11, 2009 with Natural Habitat Adventures. Image was taken by fellow photographer Ted Spring.

Nancy Shooting Butterfly

Nancy helping with a butterfly survey in southern Miami-Dade County pinelands August 13, 2011 with the Miami Blue chapter of the North American Butterfly Association. Photograph was taken by their current (2017) president, Linda Evans on her iPhone.

Nancy with Gorillas

Nancy with a family of mountain gorillas. Photo was taken with Nancy's equipment by our Natural Habitat Adventures guide, David Luck. Details about this trip are in our blog.

Nancy On Van

Nancy taking pictures of great horned owl chicks at Lake Wailes Park in Lake Wales on February 29, 2016. Photograph was taken by technical support on his first smart phone. I made some comments about this (and similar) procedures in our blog.

Nancy And Florida Scrub-jay

Nancy at Helen & Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary in Brevard County April 25, 2016 with our friend and local guide, Jose Vassallo. He took this picture.

Nancy Teaching

Nancy at an art festival explaining how some of her pictures were taken. During art festivals we are both very active. Photograph was taken by technical support on November 12, 2016.

Nancy in canoe in Snake Bight.

Nancy at work in Snake Bight Christmas Day, 2018Details. Photograph was taken by technical support.