We Have a New Printer

We just bought an Epson Stylus Pro 9900.  It is BIG; over six feet long and weighing more than 250 pounds, making it too big for our small office.  It uses eleven cartridges of Ultrachrome HDR Ink (including green and orange), but four of them are black (or different shades of gray).  It can print up to 44 inches across.  We bought it so that we wouldn’t have to send out prints larger than 17″ by 22″ any more.  Our canvas work is wider than 24 inches across, meaning we couldn’t buy the next smaller model (which would be their 7900).  As a bonus, the color gamut of this printer is larger than our older printer, which I’ve already seen in our sunset images, for example.  We will be selling our old printer, an Epson Stylus Pro 3880.  And even though this printer cost significantly more than its predecessor, I don’t expect our prices to increase any time soon.

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