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"Thinking Outside The Box", a beginner's guide to topbar beekeeping by April Kirkendoll

Nancy's Photos Are In Book About Bees

Our friend, April Kirkendoll, just finished a book about beekeeping, “Thinking Outside The Box,” and included several of Nancy’s photographs (which, in this case, were created specifically for this project with April’s beehives).

As you may remember, we introduced April in what is now our blog post Notes About Bird Flamboyance And Behavior three years ago. Nancy happens to have some experience with honey beesabout, having kept conventional beehives for several years in South Miami. The two of them have discussed and practiced the hobby together on a number of occasions.

April has done extensive research and experimenting with topbar beehives, a different approach to beekeeping. I’ve only read four chapters so far, so I can’t yet give a full review or endorsement, but I really like what I’ve read. Just from her contribution to “Notes About Bird Flamboyance And Behavior,” you can see she has a less formal, easy-to-read style with some humor that still gives more depth than you are likely to find in other sources.

You can purchase “Thinking Outside The Box” (as well as her other books) from Amazon, or you can probably get a better price directly from her website (Lysmata Publishing). As I’ve mentioned before, we receive no consideration (i.e. money) for our remarks or from your purchases. Nonetheless, it is time to update our current long-term promotion (originally described in what is now “Notes About Bird Flamboyance And Behavior”).

New Offer

If you bring your copy of any book by either April Kirkendoll or Brian Rapoza to our booth, we will give you four dollars ($4) off any purchase. If you can show any of Nancy’s photographs in those books, we will give you another dollar ($1) off.

We are looking forward to seeing you at an art festival in your area. To find out where and when that might be, you can check out our schedule as it develops here.


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  1. Bruce Avatar

    For what it’s worth, Bees For Development (, a British organization supporting beekeepers around the world (especially third world countries) to maintain environments that are good for bees, for biodiversity, and for people, just wrote an independent, professional review of this book. In the “Bookshelf” section on page 16 of their September issue (No. 136) of the quarterly “Bees for Development Journal”, they say

    A very good title for an excellent guide to top-bar hives and the natural beekeeping that they enable, with bees being able to create a more natural nest than is possible in rectangular and rigid frame hives. It contains useful chapters on building a top-bar hive with plans and a step by step guide, their history, and advice on management. In the chapter ‘Bee-Mageddon’, the author describes, admitting that it makes depressing reading, the very many and diverse problems that bees are now facing. An excellent addition to the small range of books now published on top-bar hive beekeeping.

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