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Our Art Festival Season Is Over!

Since our last post, the final three festivals of our season (Melbourne Art Festival, Mainsail Art Festival in St. Petersburg, and Isle Of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival in Fernandina Beach (which we hadn’t yet announced)) have all been canceled.  That means we won’t be in another art festival until the next season begins in Florida in October. Those dates aren’t usually firm for us until we are accepted in the summer (although we have already been accepted in a few festivals as far away as next April). I don’t know yet how this coronavirus issue will affect that. You can always check to see our schedule as it develops.

What Next?

We will take a little time to work on our backlogged personal chore lists, but as technical support, I still have promises here to keep. Look for short articles on new images [see the “Most Recent Images” section at the top of our home page] and ‘hacks’ for our booth [Tips For Setting Up Your Booth Canopy] and to our Logan Pro Joiner [A Better (Simpler) Logan Pro Joiner]. Then there is the midnight rainbow quest and the long-standing weird wood serieslatest.   Other matters will be discussed as they arise. Stay tuned.

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