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No More Festivals For Us

As you recall, we had to cancel our last three art festivals of the 2022 spring art festival season because of medical conditions described in We Won’t Be In Cedar Key The Weekend Of April 9th. Although Nancy’s dizziness and nausea are mostly gone, her back pain continues to plague her. Medications do help manage that pain, however. Unfortunately, earlier in the year, she also began experiencing a mild cognitive decline that rapidly developed into dementia. Her short-term memory and reasoning skills are very weak, but dementia hasn’t yet affected her daily living activities. We sat out the fall festival season while we debated whether she could handle the rigors of an art festival as we hoped for improvement. That didn’t happen. We’ve most likely participated in our last art festival.

What’s Next

We have a few ideas about other ways to sell Nancy’s work and create other products and methods of displaying her images. She still has images that I haven’t yet developed. We still have promises to keep. For example, we told the caretakers of St. Augustine and Cape Canaveral Lighthouses that we’d give them a print of the Gigapans we took of their lighthouses for which they gave us access (those images still aren’t ready). I’ve made real or implied promises to write at least four articles discussing various framing techniques. And the list goes on. And although I still intend to keep all of those promises, under our current circumstances, I find that my projects are taking much, much longer to complete.

It’s a new year. Only time will tell what 2023 has in store. Stay tuned.






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  1. Rod Cotton Avatar
    Rod Cotton

    My love to Nancy! I just noticed she has some struggles. Rod

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