Our New Glass (And Other Examples Of Our Evolving Standards)

We’ve always used Tru Vue glass, but early on changed from their Premium Clear Glass to Reflection Control (which means non-glare) glass because we found that the glare got in the way of our image enjoyment.  We’ve also found that the negative effects of non-glare that have been reported elsewhere were insignificant.  Typically that decision added about five dollars to the price of the picture (around 3%).

Now we have decided to move to Conservation Reflection Control glass.  Whereas the glass we have been using (both clear and non-glare) blocks about 45% of ultraviolet (UV) light, the Conservation glass blocks 99% of UV light, which should drastically reduce any fading of the image or mats.  This could increase the price of a picture about eight dollars (about 5%).  The other two types of glass and other options will still be available by special order.  For example, Tru Vue has Museum glass, which is truly amazing (check it out at a frame shop near you).  That, however, would add more than $30 to the cost of a picture (compared to Reflection Control glass).

This glass change is consistent with other changes we’ve made (but forgot to mention).  For example, we have also upgraded our mat board.  This decision was actually harder because it had more than just economic considerations.  Crescent Cardboard has several lines of mat board; their Decorative line, although not conservation quality, has a much wider selection of colors than their Select and higher quality (and price) lines.  The same goes for Bainbridge Matboards and the other brands we use.

Improvements have also been made in our backings and our papers.  We will continue to look for ways to give our customers the best value (without disregarding price).

Author: Bruce

Although I grew up in Garden Grove, California, I have lived here in South Miami longer than I've lived anywhere else in the world. I've been married to my wonderful wife, Nancy, longer than I was ever without her. We were both teachers. Nancy recently retired after 40 years. I have also spent time as an officer in the Coast Guard, a commercial property appraiser, and an electrical engineering student. Now I'm technical support for Bee Happy Graphics. That means I handle this blog, our web page, and all E-mail, I do all post-processing and printing of the images, I cut mats and glass and frames. If you have a technical question, I would be the one trying to answer it.

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