Gift Certificates

Formal Gift Certificate
Our formal certificate design
Informal Gift Certificate
Our less-formal certificate design

Here's How We Do Gift Certificates


You can get a gift certificate for any amount you like. We will not give cash back when the certificate is redeemed. For example, if you give a twenty-five dollar gift certificate, the recipient will not be able to buy one notecard and expect change.

Buyer-placed Restrictions

They buyer may place limits on the use of the gift certificate. We would honor those restrictions. For example, if you liked Nancy's Osprey Family, but didn't know how much room the recipient had on their wall or whether they preferred fine art paper or canvas, you could add a clause like "toward the purchase of any print of 'Osprey Family'". If you wanted to give one of our small canvas prints (around 12" by 18" by ¾"), but couldn't make up your mind which one they might like better, you could add a clause like "toward the purchase of any of Bee Happy Graphics' small canvas prints (around 216 square inches)". Use your imagination. But remember, the most useful gift certificates tend to be the least restrictive.


Only the named recipient may redeem a gift certificate. If a certificate is lost or stolen, either the buyer or the recipient may ask for a replacement. There will be no additional cost for that replacement. If the recipient wants to transfer the gift to a third party, they would essentually be buying someone else a gift certificate with their gift certificate. As long as that did not conflict with original buyer-placed restrictions, we would issue a new certificate with new names and expiration date. For that we may charge our standard certificate transaction fee.


We don't want to have a lot of open-ended promises. All of our certificates have an expiration date giving the certificate a life of up to two years. A month before they expire, we will send the buyer, and if possible, the recipient, notice of the impending expiration. At the end of its life, we will refund the price of the certificate to the buyer, less our standard certificate transaction fee. At that point, you will have the option of buying a new gift certificate.

Certificate Transaction Fee

Our standard certificate transaction fee, as described above, will be 4% of the first $150 of the purchase price plus an additional ½% for each month the certificate is alive. For certificates that expire in one year, the transaction fee will be 10% of purchase price, up to a total fee of fifteen dollars ($15). For two-year certificates, the transaction fee will be 16%, up to a maximum of $24.

Change of Terms

As we've never done this before, we reserve the right to change terms without notice, as we gain experience. At the time of any transaction, all existing gift certificates will have the option of following whichever of the two versions of the rules (current or original) is more favorable to them.