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Welcome To Winter Haven's First
Virtual Central Park Art Festival

March 21 & 22, 2020

We will honor Ridge Art Association's discount code (found on their virtual festival site) for 10% off any purchase.

Just mention it in your call or email. This can be combined with other promotions (see right column).

You can learn a little about Nancy at About Us, or check out her images at our homepage,

This would have been our seventh year at this real-world festival. As it turns out, this virtul festival will be the last event of our Florida art festival season.Thank you for joining us. You can see our schedule, as it develops, at "Where to find us".

Our Newest Images

We just introduced an image of a male red-bellied woodpeckerannounced that Nancy is proud of because is actually shows the red belly. It is already available matted in two sizes. Or you can order a print of any size on any of our media, and even choose from a variety of conventional frames.

Other recent images include three images from our last trip to Africa - Silverback, Mountain Gorilla Family, and Mountain Gorilla Mother and Baby, as well as Gray Wolves, which Nancy originally shot in 2006; "The Singing Tower", a Gigapandefined of Bok Tower; and "Pupating Monarch", the long-awaited prequel to "Emerging Monarch" (look ahead to the next section for a teachers' special). Other images in the works include a couple Gigapans of the Cedar Key area and a couple more around St. Augustine lighthouse.

Ongoing promotions:

For Teachers

We have laminated posters of "Pupating Monarch" and "Emerging Monarch" showing various stages of metamorphosis at prices you can appreciate.

Bring Books

Bring copies of books by Brian Rapoza and/or April Kirkendoll and receive a discount on any purchase. (For details, see "New Offer", the last section in blog post Nancy's Photos Are In Book About Bees.)

My latest math question:

In a recent blog post (Quiz: What Paper Size?), I introduced a new quiz with just two multiple-choice questions involving practical printing math. If you take the quiz, you will receive a certificate which may give you a discount on the purchase of Nancy's work. This discount may be used with other promotions. Good luck!