Emerging Monarch

South Miami, Florida

Emerging Monarch

A sequence of six photographs of the same butterfly was put together for this image. It shows a monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) emerging from its chrysalis. These photographs were taken in our own back yard. It is not strictly a time-lapse series; the images are not taken at equal intervals. Nancy was holding the camera, snapping away, and managed to capture more than six photographs. Then she picked the images that best showed the progression. While this sequence shows the first four minutes after the butterfly starts to emerge (and the fifth picture was taken less than fifty seconds after it began), it could take over two hours before the butterfly is ready to fly. It takes time to pump all of the extra fluids in the abdomen through the wings to straighten them and get them ready for flight.

rev: 6/2020

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Photographic details: Canon EOS 30D camera w/ EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens set at 400mm. Flash was used. Camera was on f/8 for between 1/125 and 1/160 sec at ISO 400.

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#20 Matted Emerging Monarch 20 matted 10"x16", black inside "Soft Green" mats (outside 16"x20") $98
#39 Matted Emerging Monarch 39 matted 10"x16", black mat (outside 16"x20") $82
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Framed Emerging Monarch 3 framed 10"x18" print, black inside granite mats, "stainless steel" moulding (outside 20"x28") $214
#19 Framed Emerging Monarch 19 framed 10"x18" print, black inside off-white mats, espresso walnut moulding (outside 20"x28") $214
#34 Medium Canvas Emerging Monarch gallery-wrapped canvas 18"x36"x11/2" $443
#37, #38, & #40 Small Canvas Emerging Monarch gallery-wrapped canvas 11"x20"x3/4" $199


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