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Cedar Keys Lighthouse: A New Gigapan

Our first new picture of 2021, this image of the old lighthouse on Seahorse Key is roughly 24,900 pixels high by 106,000 pixels across, covering a horizontal field of view of about 210 degrees, and includes 243 photographs.

Cedar Keys Lighthouse

To learn more, go to its webpage, From there you can follow the link to the full-size image on the Gigapan site, where you can really zoom in. And it is not too late to own the very first copy of this image. (On canvas, this image could be printed up to over 16 feet high by 69 feet across and still have the same detail as any image in our booth. But for you, we would be happy to print a smaller version.)

While working on this image, both of my stitching programs were giving me problems and it occurred to me that both companies (Gigapan for Stitch 2.3 and Kolor for Autopano Giga) were now out of business and not supporting their software. So I bought the best-regarded replacement, PTGui Pro. I’m still learning, but I like its masking and control point options (Autopano may still do better with anti-ghosting, however). I have developed (and will continue to develop) techniques to deal with some of the issues I’ve had and the fact that Photoshop really bogs down when the file size is larger than available memory.

In the last month, we have doubled the number of Gigapans in our collection. We still have several in various stages of development, including one of Fort Myers Pier, which is about 70% complete, and one of downtown Cedar Key from across the water, which may be half-finished. But I have other promises to keep, including St. Augustine Light and Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, for each of which we got special access, as well as other long-standing non-Gigapan projects and blog articles. Stay tuned.

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