Nancy On Humpback Whale

Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

Nancy on humpback whale

This picture shows Nancy in the middle of her most memorable moment ever. We had been swimming with humpback whales on the Silver Banks for a week and Friday was our last day. In the morning Nancy pointed that out to God and asked for a unique experience. Later we found the same whale we had swum with on Wednesday, but that day the whale seemed to be only interested in hanging around the boat. Today she was interested in the swimmers. At one point the whale was about four feet below the surface as it approached me, and Nancy took our picture (see Humpback Whale and Diver). Then the whale passed me and headed for Nancy. Nancy, as I had been, was vertical, but lifted her legs to let the whale swim underneath. But when Nancy was above it's head, the whale stopped moving forward and started rising. It wound up lifting Nancy about four feet out of the water. Then it lowered Nancy gently and tilted its head to let Nancy slide back into the water (over the tubercles). When we got back to the main ship, Nancy asked if anybody got her picture on top of the whale. One lady said she did, but it wasn't from Nancy's best angle.

That lady happened to be Lynne Edwards. She is a fellow nature and wildlife photographer who seems to share a number of similarities with Nancy (check out her website at Reflections by lynne). Lynne has graciously granted us permission to use this picture.

If you were to stop by our booth (see our schedule), Nancy could tell you more about this encounter and more (including pictures) about humpback whales.

rev: 8/2019