Polar Bear Encounter

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Polar Bear Encounter

This is a series of four images, including the image “Sparring Polar Bears”. The series shows an encounter between two Polar Bears near Hudson Bay in November. Fortunately, these bears were just “play” fighting, as is common this time of year as they congregate waiting for the bay to freeze so they can hunt seals. We liked the way the sun lit the bears from behind. Not only does that highlight the bears’ outline, but also accentuates their breath and the flying snow.

So far we have only printed this series as a set of 5" by 7" prints double matted to 24" by 9.5" and framed. Different sizes and configurations of prints are negotiable.

For more information about this encounter, see also Sparring Polar Bears, which is the third image in this set.

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Photographic details: All four images were shot with our Canon EOS 30D camera w/ EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens set at 400mm. Flash was not used. Camera was set to Shutter Priority with an exposure compensation of +2/3. Shutter speed was 1/800 sec at ISO 400. For the top image, aperture was f/9, but for the other images it was f/7.1. All of the images were taken within 44 seconds (that does not mean they are in chronological order, and it does not imply they were the only pictures taken in that interval.

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#2 Framed Polar Bear Encounter 2 four 5"x7" prints, black inside white mats, regular glass, 2" wide "Catalog Honey" frame (outside 271/2"x13") $199