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Bruce on Turner River in 2008

Is This Picture Straight/Level?

This is I, canoeing on the Turner River just south of the Tamiami Trail just before noon in the late spring of 2008 (when I was just over 81% of my current age). In this picture, I’m just keeping the boat steady. The photographer (who is very near and dear to me) would normally be facing the other way in a vessel like this and had to reach all the way around, without getting up, to get this shot. Is it level? If not, is there anything in the picture that would be of any help in straightening it?

Besides my usual readers, I may be inviting my Facebook friends, our Instagram viewers, LinkedIn links, members of Kendall Camera Club, and any of their friends and acquaintances to participate in this discussion. I will copy most of those answers below. The best answer will get ten dollars off of any Bee Happy Graphic product or service, and of course, bragging rights. This reward may be combined with other offers and awards. If two or more people come up with the same idea, the one who speaks first will win the prize. We may also reward Honorable mentions. You will have at least two weeks to come up with an answer. Good luck!

(OK, since I mentioned it, I might as well make it worth something; if you can tell how old I am now, based on the evidence above, I will increase your reward by the same percentage as my age has increased since this picture was taken. Is that better?)

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5 responses to “Is This Picture Straight/Level?”

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  2. Bruce Avatar

    On April 11, malex725 (M Alexander) commented on the Bee Happy Graphics Instagram account:


  3. Bruce Avatar

    On April 11, snaphappyphotoscharlotte (SnapHappy Photos LLC) commented on the Bee Happy Graphics Instagram account:

    Definitely no! And great idea for engaging us…

  4. Bruce Avatar

    On April 11, mommasellars (Kristi Sellars) commented on the Bee Happy Graphics Instagram account:

    Yes, but the photographer wasn’t!

  5. Bruce Avatar

    On April 25, Joe Corrigan commented on the Bee Happy Graphics Facebook page:

    No, tilted left down.

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