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An Explanation Of Our Groups

When you subscribe to this blog (in the section titled “ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS ARTICLE?” to the right of this article), you are given a selection of the groups that might interest you. These groups are the same as the categories for the blog. For each post, its categories are listed on the left side, below the date published, and above any keywords. On the right side, below the search field, is a dropdown list of categories (with the number of posts we’ve published in each one); you could select a category there, and the posts would be filtered so you can see what sort of thing I’ve been talking about so far in that category.  Each post may have more than one category.  Similarly, you are allowed to subscribe to more than one group.  Here is a description of each category/group:


Local color and the things we learn as we travel around the state or around the world.

Nature & wildlife

We share what we learn about the life and world around us.


A discussion about individual images in our collection.


Photography techniques, tips, and discoveries


A discussion about editing your photograph(s) (including composites) to get the final image file. Expect tips on Photoshop and other software.

Printing & Framing

Anything on the process of printing an image (including papers, printer profiles, processes, and coatings) and framing (selecting and cutting mats, cutting glass, selecting and cutting and assembling moulding, stretching canvas around the frame, and putting all the pieces together and getting it on the wall.

Upcoming events

We announce art festivals and other events in which we plan to participate.


We discuss awards and other recognition Nancy has received


Used to announce specials, coupons, and discounts.


A discussion of issues affecting our company. This includes business style (the standards and practices that make us who we are) and website news (changes and improvements to our website or blog).

Applied math

For articles that show how math can be has been used in the photography/printing/framing business. I served time as a high school math teacher and dedicate this section to all those teachers needing answers to the inevitable question, “When are we ever going to need this sh….”

Other topics

Here we discuss whatever else is appropriate to our mission and business.