Our Newest Gigapan: Ft Myers Beach Pier

You can be the first to own a print of this image. On a canvas print up to 8 feet high and 27 feet long, the image should be as sharp as any, but our printer will only go just above three feet by ten feet. As for how to get a print larger than […]

Nature & Wildlife

The Secret To Finding Hummingbirds In South Florida

You can only find hummingbirds in the Americas. There are almost 360 species of hummingbirds, most of which live in the tropics. Seventeen of those species regularly visit the United States, but only fourteen breed there. Eleven species have been to Florida. Five species reach southern Florida, and only a couple of those could be […]

Photography Post-processing Printing & Framing

Which Color Space Should I Use?

I don’t generally write an article on a subject that’s already adequately covered; I only write when I think I can add something new. I’ve reviewed the color space material, and have little to add. But maybe I can at least steer you to the articles with the best information. Equipment Capabilities It is generally […]

Printing & Framing

Making A Picture Frame From Dilapidated Fence Pickets

Weird Wood – Part 5 of 5 As you may recall, this series began with Working With Weird Wood: Preface. After reading that, you may be asking yourself, “What happened to Parts 2 through 4 of this series?” After all, I did publish the promised preparatory article Thoughts On Mat Layout and Part 1 of […]

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How To Make Your Beveled Edges Look Like A Continuation Of Your Image

When describing our canvas gallery-wrap optionslink, we mention that the technique we use, the digital stretch wrap, creates an optical illusion. For any given amount of stretch, there is a particular “illusion angle” at which the sides look like an unstretched and uncompressed continuation of the frontthe math. Figure 1 shows that angle for various […]