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Our Second Biannual Caption Contest

OK, so it’s actually been almost 27 months since our first caption contestprevious. The photograph this time is not part of our regular collection, nor will it ever be, most likely. Nancy took this picture on our trip with Natural Habitat Adventures to Uganda and Rwanda in 2015 to photograph Mountain Gorillasdetails. As you can see, we found some. We are just starting to process those pictures now.

Bruce and silverback
Your caption could be here.

Nancy took this shot at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. We were told that we weren’t supposed to get within seven meters (23 feet) of a gorilla on this hike. Unlike the other three gentlemen, I’m as far off the trail (which goes off to your left) as I can get, and I’m wishing I had a wider lens. The other three managed to get out of the silverback’s way just after this photo was taken, and we all lived happily ever after.

Contest Rules

The winner of this contest will get ten dollars off any print or service of Bee Happy Graphics. Here’s how the competition will work:

  • For at least the next three weeks, you can enter your caption idea into the comments of this article below.
  • I will announce the close of the competition and the beginning of the voting process in another comment to this blog post. I may have a plug-in for that by then and will explain the voting process in that same comment.
  • At least two weeks after that last announcement, we will announce a winner. If any entry has three or more votes, the winner will be the one with the most votes. If no entry has that many votes, I will take an informal survey among my closest family and friends and pick the winner. The decision of the judges (as defined above) is final. This prize may be combined with other promotions.

Good luck, and let the contest begin!


7 responses to “Our Second Biannual Caption Contest”

  1. Bruce Avatar

    On or about October 7, Jesse Mann commented on the Bee Happy Graphics Facebook page:

    wow you got a little close there bruce!

  2. Bruce Avatar

    On or about October 7, Karentracy Urda (my sister) submitted her caption idea to my personal Facebook account:

    “Oh, Bruce Moreland, I thought this was going to be just us, and you brought some friends. Hmm.”

  3. Bruce Avatar

    On or about October 20, mommasellars submitted her caption idea to the Bee Happy Graphics Instagram account:

    “Have you seen George and Ursula?” from George of the Jungle

  4. Bruce Avatar

    On or about October 21, malex725 submitted what could be her caption idea to the Bee Happy Graphics Instagram account:


  5. Bruce Avatar

    This contest is closed. The voting begins now.

    Click here to vote. You have at least two weeks, but it’s probably not good to wait. The winner will be announced in another comment to this blog post. Thanks again.

  6. Bruce Avatar

    Voting is closed. The judges have decided. The decision is final.

    Not enough votes were cast to declare the winner according to the rules, so I convened a panel of judges (and recused myself since family members and close friends were involved). The winner of our latest biannual caption competition is:

    Oh, Bruce, I thought this was going to be just us, and you brought some friends. Hmm.

    I want to thank everyone who participated in this event in any capacity. I have no idea exactly when our next caption contest will occur or what image will be presented, so stay tuned.

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