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  • Ideas For Your Sun Selfie

    Since I promised in the Postscript of my last blog articleLink1, here are more ideas for taking pictures of the solar eclipse with your smart phone. This article gives no suggestions specifically catered to regular cameras. However, thoughts on image composition, etc. would apply to both crowds. For the sake of transparency, I should mention…

  • Ready To Photograph The Next Solar Eclipse?

    This isn’t an early warning; it’s a call to action! Details The beginning of the next solar eclipse to be seen in North America will first appear along the Pacific coast of Mexico south of the tip of Baja California at around 9:50 am MST (Mountain Standard Time) (or 12:50 EDT (Eastern Daylight Savings) on…

  • ‘New & Improved’ Giant Swallowtail Article

    Reader Joanne Miale provided new photographs from her experience with these butterflies to fill in some gaps in our Giant Swallowtail article. Enjoy!

  • Notes About Bird Flamboyance And Behavior

    It is clear from Why You Haven’t Seen Any Painted Buntings that the Painted Bunting’s behavior is affected by its physical characteristics. There are risks associated with flamboyance. “Somewhere along their evolutionary path, male Painted Buntings had to choose between bright colors for better sex or more obscure colors for longer life. Speaking for males…

  • Our New Cardinal Image

    Cardinals are one of the most abundant bird species in North America.  After having a number of people ask about them, Nancy finally captured a cardinal picture she was happy with. Here it is. For more information about the shot and the bird, go to our new Male Northern Cardinal page.