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We Have Three New Gorilla Pictures

Some of you may have noticed that I just recently added a picture of Nancy and a few Mountain Gorillas to an earlier blog post (We just got back from a two-week trip to Africa) and then added a photo of the two of us with our porters to a related article (A Case Of […]

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Our Second Biannual Caption Contest

OK, so it’s actually been almost 27 months since our first caption contestprevious. The photograph this time is not part of our regular collection, nor will it ever be, most likely. Nancy took this picture on our trip with Natural Habitat Adventures to Uganda and Rwanda in 2015 to photograph Mountain Gorillasdetails. As you can […]


A Case Of Over-planning On Our Africa Trip?

In November, Nancy and I went on a tour by Natural Habitat Adventures to Uganda and Rwanda to photograph mountain gorillas.  For native Floridians like Nancy, the “mountain” in the name hints that this would be no ordinary hike, so she decided to schedule the trip before she got too old (since you never know […]

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We just got back from a two-week trip to Africa

This was called the Ultimate Gorilla Photo Safari.   We spent a week in Uganda and a week in Rwanda, photographing mostly primates on the mountain slopes.  In Uganda, we first spent two days with chimpanzees.   Then we spent two days with Mountain Gorillas. These were wild animals but were among the few families […]