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Contest: Come Up With Best Caption

We will give another seven-dollar discount on any print (either Nancy’s or yours) on any medium to the person who comes up with the best caption for the below picture. Since this is the first time we’ve ever tried this, I’m not sure of the best procedure, but here’s my plan:

We will accept caption ideas for one month; just enter your caption in a comment to this blog. Then, in another comment to the blog, I will start the voting – one vote per person – tell me your choice in another comment. After two more weeks, if any entry has three or more votes, the one with the most votes will be the winner. If no entry has that many votes, I will take an informal survey among my closest family and friends and pick the winner. The decision of the judges (as defined above) is final and will be published in yet another comment on the blog.

Three Polar Bears
Three Polar Bears

Nancy took this picture of three polar bears in Churchill, Canada a few years back. You can find information about it on our “Three Polar Bears” web page. As I mentioned in the description on our “Scouting Polar Bear” page, the polar bears lose weight while they are waiting around Churchill. I envision the one bear saying, “Hey, Fred, you’re looking a little light there.” The other might reply, “Of course, I haven’t found a photographer in weeks”. I shared that in the hopes of stimulating your creativity; if, instead, I stifled your creativity, that would be bad – please let me know.

Good luck, and let the contest begin!






3 responses to “Contest: Come Up With Best Caption”

  1. Walter Rojter Avatar

    White Playground

  2. Bruce Avatar

    This contest is now closed for entries. Technically, now starts the two-week voting period, but with only one entry, the outcome is not in doubt. You may still comment on the submitted entry, or even compare it to the sample caption I mentioned in the original post. If you don’t want to offend Walter, I would consider posting your comments anonymously upon request, but if you just want to trash his opinion along the same standards currently in vogue for political rhetoric you won’t need anonymity because your comments won’t see the light of day anyway. Keep it constructive. If you want to trash my ideas, don’t worry; even if your comments don’t get published they will be seen by the appropriate individual and will be given the consideration they deserve.

  3. Bruce Avatar

    It is official; we have a winner! Congratulations to Walter Rojter for his winning entry, “White Playground”, as a caption to our image of three polar bears. Walter need not wait for a certificate to redeem his prize, just contact us by email, phone, letter, or text with his order. Thanks to everybody who participated.

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