Adding A Signature To Your Image

I know three ways to add a signature to an image (or any other document you can drag into Photoshop (most likely as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file)):

  1. Create and use a signature brush in Photoshop. We learned about this from Robert Chaplin, a fellow South Florida nature photographer, who graciously provided the instructions. It is easy to make and can then be added to any image. You can change the color and size the same way you change the regular brush tool in Photoshop.
  2. Create and use a signature file in Photoshop. This technique may be best for preserving texture or any variability in color intensity due to differing pen pressure, paper texture, or other differences. We would still use this technique when adding a signature to one of our client’s images before printing it for them. To change the size (or color) of your signature, follow the directions (or link) in the Using Your File section of that article.
  3. Make your own font. This is how Nancy adds her signature now. There are several websites you can use to make your own font, many of which are free. We used, which costs $10. It is also fairly simple; download and print their blank form with an array of boxes in which you can print or write each character (upper and lower case and special characters). Your signature will replace the caret ( the “^” you get by hitting Shift and “6″ together). Scan and upload the completed form to their website, pay, and then wait for them to send the font. Besides Photoshop, you can use this font in any other application that allows you to choose fonts. You could even add your signature to an Acrobat .pdf file with fillable fields. In Photoshop, you change the size and color as you would for any other font while using the text tool. However, if our other text is 12 point, Nancy’s signature would need to be about 18 point (roughly 50% higher) to match the other text height.

I’d appreciate any comments or improvements you might have for the various techniques. Thank you.

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