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Creating & Using A Signature Brush
To Add A Signature To Your Photographs

Signature brushes are easy to make and can then be added to any image. You can change the color and size the same way you change the regular brush tool in Photoshop.

Create The Brush (courtesy of Robert Chaplin)

  1. Using a black Sharpie, sign your name fairly large on a blank white piece of paper.
  2. Open Photoshop and import a scan of your signature.
  3. Crop tight around the signature.
  4. Add a curves layer.
  5. Select the white eyedropper in the Curves window and click on the white background.
  6. Select the black eyedropper and click on a letter. This process will remove any colorcast that the scanner caused.
  7. Under the “Edit” menu select “Define Brush Preset...”.
  8. Name the brush. Click “OK”.

To Use The Brush

  1. Select the Brush Tool.
  2. Click on Brush Presets in the upper left side of the Brush Panel.
  3. Select the signature. It could well be the last brush in the array.
  4. Make sure Opacity and Flow are 100%.
  5. Choose a color for the signature by changing the Foreground Color toward the bottom of the Toolbox (or by using the Eyedropper Tool, or . . . ).
  6. Move the Signature Brush to the desired location. Change the size by hitting the “[“ key to make it smaller or the “]” key to make it larger; repeat as necessary.
  7. Click the left mouse button.

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