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Which Color Space Should I Use?

I don’t generally write an article on a subject that’s already adequately covered; I write when I think I can add something new. After recently discussing this topic with members of our local camera club, I’ve reviewed the existing color space material and still have little to add, but maybe I can at least steer […]

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How To Make Your Beveled Edges Look Like A Continuation Of Your Image

When describing our canvas gallery-wrap optionslink, we mention that the technique we use, the digital stretch wrap, creates an optical illusion. For any given amount of stretch, there is a particular “illusion angle” at which the sides look like an unstretched and uncompressed continuation of the frontthe math. Figure 1 shows that angle for various […]

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Cedar Keys Lighthouse: A New Gigapan

This is our first new picture of 2021. This image of the old lighthouse on Seahorse Key is roughly 24,900 pixels high by 106,000 pixels across. It covers a horizontal field of view of about 210 degrees and includes 243 photographs. To learn more, go to its webpage, From there, you can follow the […]

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We Made New Printable Instructions

revised 8/26/2020 While I was making updates to some of our How-To articles’ formatting and adherence to Internet standards, I also took the opportunity to improve clarity for some of them. Some, but not all of the articles have downloadable printable versions, so I also updated the printable version if warranted. I created new printable […]

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Answers To “Is This Picture Level?”

A few weeks ago, I asked a few questions about a picture of me on the Turner Riverlink. I even offered a reward for the best answers. Here are my answers. First Question NO, the picture is not level. The photographers’ usual reference point for getting a picture level is the horizon. One of the […]