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Color Matching – Part 1

There are times when it would be good to have the color of one area of your photograph match the color in another area. I just finished an article explaining how to do that. You can reach it by clicking Color Matching – Part 1.

Hopefully, before long, I will publish “Color Matching – Part 2” [see Changing The Color Of Your Signature] to show how to apply this process to signatures and such things that take one more crucial step at the beginning of the process. But now I’m thinking that before I give Part 2, I may need to write about different ways to put a signature on an image [see Adding A Signature To Your Image]. Coincidentally, this week Nancy is having our house painted, and I just used the principles of Part 1 (slightly revised) to show how the new color would look on the house. That isn’t exactly nature & wildlife photography or any other fine art photography. But as a useful application of this principle, it could be the subject of a short post called “… Part 3” [see Visualizing Your New House Color)].   Stay tuned.   And remember, comments are always welcome.   Thank you.






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