First we want to give a shout out to our longtime, but not old friend, April Kirkendoll. She's a marine biologist and aquaculture specialist who has written two books. You can find out more at her web site,

Brian Rapoza, another good friend, former colleague, and fieldtrip coordinator for Tropical Audubon Society has written an excellent book, "Birding Florida", that even uses three of our photographs. To check out the book, go to the Tropical Audubon Store.

(We have a small offer for those who have these books. See the expandable Note in the Postscript of our blog post Why You Haven’t Seen Any Painted Buntings.)

Sandra from Brenham, Texas, a recent visitor to this page told me about a great site that her students discovered while doing Internet research about birdwatching for kids: Birding For Kids Resource Guide. It has links to several sites with good information about different aspects of the hobby.

The mother of young science researcher Kara Boyd sent me a couple of Kara's favorite findings. I liked Official Birds of the United States (although we think the Florida scrub jay should be our state bird). Her other link, Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching Around Your Home seemed comprehensive and had good information, but many of the links are missing and a few were dated. I've asked HomeAdvisor about the possibility of an update.

Now here are several more links that should be interesting and relevant.


Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris is a great tour group. They have a no-smoking policy and are very active.

Natural Habitat Adventures is another great group. They too are well organized and treat you well. They have a relationship with World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

World Wildlife Fund has been protecting wildlife for fifty years.

Environmental Groups

We are active with Tropical Audubon Society in Miami. To find your local chapter of the Audubon Society, click here. They are far more than just a birding organization.

We are also active with the Dade Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society. They have a link to the state organization, Florida Native Plant Society. Click on the map icon in the menu to the left of that page to find your local chapter. I don't know if other states have similar organizations.

We are members of the Miami Blue Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA). At the top of their Links page is their parent organization, NABA. Click on "NABA Chapters" in the left side menu of that site to find your local chapter.

We also contribute to the following environmental groups:
African Wildlife Foundation,
American Rivers,
Defenders of Wildlife,
Environmental Defense Fund,
Environmental Resource Defense Council,
Florida Wildlife Federation,
National Park Conservation Association,
National Wildlife Federation,
The Nature Conservancy,
Ocean Conservancy,
Serengeti Watch

When contributing to various causes, there are a lot of horror stories that make you wonder if your hard-earned money is really going to the right place. We get important information about a prospective charity from Charity Navigator. Another resource is CharityWatch.

Other Photographers

Robert Holmes, a.k.a. "Digital Bob" is a South Florida photographer that specializes in Gigapan (large, detailed panorama) cityscapes, and has mentored us with Gigapan and other technical issues.

Robert Chaplin is another South Florida photographer and guide who spoke and judged at the Kendall Camera Club (see below) and helped start the South Florida National Parks Camera Club. He has also helped us on our journey.

John Moran is a better-known photographer of natural Florida and environmental advocate.

Finally, we are with our local Kendall Camera Club, and would suggest any active or aspiring photographer join such a club. One way to find a photography group is to go to Meetup, click on "Find a meetup group", type something like "photography" and your zip code in the appropriate boxes and see what comes up. Happy hunting.

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