Color Matching – Part 1

Last updated on May 15th, 2019 at 06:46 am

There are times when it would be good to have the color of one area of your photograph match the color in another area. I just finished an article explaining how to do that. You can reach it by clicking this link (Color Matching – Part 1).

Hopefully, before long I will publish “Color Matching – Part 2”(link) to show how to apply this process to signatures and such things that take one more crucial step at the beginning of the process. But now I’m thinking that before I give Part 2, I may need to write about different ways to put a signature on an imagelink. Coincidentally, this week Nancy is having our house painted and I just used the principles of Part 1 (slightly revised) to show how the new color would look on the house. That isn’t exactly nature & wildlife photography or any other sort of fine art photography, but as a useful application of this principle it could be the subject of a short post called “… Part 3”(link).  Stay tuned.  And remember, comments are always welcome.  Thank you.

Author: Bruce

Although I grew up in Garden Grove, California, I have lived here in South Miami longer than I've lived anywhere else in the world. I've been married to my wonderful wife, Nancy, longer than I was ever without her. We were both teachers. Nancy recently retired after 40 years. I have also spent time as an officer in the Coast Guard, a commercial property appraiser, and an electrical engineering student. Now I'm technical support for Bee Happy Graphics. That means I handle this blog, our web page, and all E-mail, I do all post-processing and printing of the images, I cut mats and glass and frames. If you have a technical question, I would be the one trying to answer it.

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