Three Brown Bears

Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, King Salmon, Alaska

Three Grizzly Bears

You may have seen Brooks Falls on television. That is where they show these bears grabbing salmon right out of the air. Katmai National Park is on the Alaska Peninsula north of Kodiak Island. We had to take a plane from Anchorage to King Salmon, and then a float plane to the park visitor center near Brooks Falls. There are other places to see this behavior, but they are even more remote and less likely to see large television equipment and crews.

The best time to go is in July or August, during the salmon run. We were leading our Sea Scout group on another extended camping trip from Miami. The big boars stake a claim at the falls itself. We’ve seen as many as fifteen there at one time. Younger males hang out downstream at the rapids, and mothers with cubs are frequently at the mouth of the river.

rev: 5/2020

Photographic details: Nikon F3 35mm Film SLR with a Tokina 100-500mm f/5.6 telephoto zoom. Negatives scanned by Photo Pro.

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