Oak Tree Graveyard

Big Talbot Island State Park, Jacksonville, Florida

Oak Tree Graveyard

Big Talbot Island is one of the barrier islands north of Jacksonville, Florida. Overlooking Nassau Sound on the Atlantic Ocean is a bluff covered with oak trees. For thousands of years, storms have eroded the bluff, causing trees to fall onto the beach. This picture was taken on that beach, also known as “Boneyard Beach”. It was taken well after sunset, but a long 65-second exposure and a small flashlight were able to bring light back to the scene and tranquility back to the beach.

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This photograph was taken 53% of the way through nautical twilight. Photographic details: Canon EOS 20D camera w/ 16-35mm lens set to 23mm, f/11 for 65 sec at ISO 100. Exposure was increased two stops in post-processing.

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#8 Matted Oak Graveyard 8 matted 11"x15" print, orange inside blue mats (outside 16"x20") $105
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