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Maasai Women

Manyatta near Siana Springs, Kenya

Maasai Women

This was at the end of a four-week tour of Tanzania and Kenya with Cheesemans' Ecology Safari on the first trip that we didn't plan and execute on our own.

A manyatta is a traditional village of dung huts (actually a mixture of mud, sticks, grass, cow dung, human urine, and ash - the cow dung makes the roof waterproof), surrounded by a thorny acacia fence.

The Maasai inhabit Kenya and northern Tanzania, and are among the best known of Africa's native populations due to their closeness to the many game parks in that area. They are semi-nomadic and known for their fearsome reputation as warriors and cattle rustlers (one of their religious beliefs is that their God, Enkai, gave them all of the cattle on Earth, hence rustling the cattle of the neighboring tribe is merely taking back what is rightfully theirs). Their diet consists mostly of raw milk, raw blood, and raw meat, all from their cattle, and an occasional vegetable or fruit. Their population in Kenya, almost 1.2 million in 2019, is over three times what it was thirty years ago.

Photographic details: Nikon F3 35mm Film SLR with a Tokina 100-500mm f/5.6 telephoto zoom. Negatives scanned by Photo Pro.

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