Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

On a personal photo expedition to Florida's west coast, we took three different Gigapan images of this pier from the south side on an October morning in 2015, and combined them into this one image. That was only a few months after we purchased our Gigapan gear.

This pier is now in Lynn Hall Memorial Park. The original pier was built in the mid 1930s. It was a simpler straight design built of wood. In 1949, Lee County acquired the adjacent 5-acre facility that would become Lynn Hall Memorial Park, but didn't develop it until a few years later. The pier was replaced in 1974 with a concrete "T"-designed pier, and then after a storm in 1991 caused a lot of damage, it went through significant reconstruction to produce the pier we see today. The park was improved in the late 1980s, but suffered from that same 1991 storm, and was also repaired again. That pier extends 560 feet into the Gulf of Mexico.

Bruce worked on this image over a span of exactly five years. Over 300 photographs are incorporated into this picture. It is just over 19 thousand pixels high by 63.6 thousand pixels wide. The master file is over 140 Gigabytes. This is the project that convinced him we needed a bigger computer. For a better close-up view of the full-size image, go to its page. (When you go to that Gigapan page, you can really zoom in. And if you look under the pier in the span just to the left of the leftmost bridge, you can see Sanibel Lighthouse.)

Photographic details: Canon EOS 7D camera w/ EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens set at 100mm and mounted on Gigapan unit. Three different Gigapans were used, two having five rows of 16 photos and one having six rows of 15 photos. The photographs span over 40 minutes, even though the average Gigapan capture time was about four minutes with an average preparation time of about twenty minutes. For the first two images, the camera was on f/22 for 1/90 second at ISO 160, and the third was set at f/11 for 1/500 second at ISO 320.

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Print details: maximum size Medium Printed Estimated (In-house)
  Fine Art Paper N/A 51/2 ft x 19 ftO (43" x 143")
  Canvas 201/2"x713/4" 8 ft x 27 ftO (37" x 124")


Trapezoidal frame: The top and bottom edges of this version converge at a vanishing point (on the horizon) well to the left. Trapezoidal Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier

To adapt the extreme aspect ratio of this image to our other products, we've had to make some adjustments.

SD card and Notecards: We used about 85% of the scene, horizontally, and padded the top and bottom edges. Fort Myers Beach notecard

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#2 Fort Myers Pier canvas gallery-wrapped 20"x72"x11/2" with 30° (top & bottom) &
45° (left & right) bevels (outside 21½"x74"). Optimal (illusion) viewing distancedefined 56"
#3 Trapezoidal Fort Myers Pier canvas gallery-wrapped (131/4 to 201/2)"x713/4"x11/2" scalene trapezoid with 30° (top & bottom) &
45° (left & right) bevels (outside 22"x74"). Optimal (illusion) viewing distancedefined 521/2"


Although the resolution and sharpness of the image should allow for this, we would need to send an image this size somewhere else to get it printed. Our printer can print up to 44" across, meaning that practically, we can print an image on paper up to 431/2". On canvas, we could only go to 371/2", to make room for wrapping the edges. Thus our in-house size limit for this image is shown above in parentheses.