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What’s New: Beveled-edge Gallery Wraps & Non-glare Acrylic

We are testing a couple of new ideas this season:

Non-glare Acrylic

We first introduced our acrylic-mounted prints back in October, 2016announced, and still have that 16″ by 24″ sample of Trees In Their Twilight mounted behind regular acrylic. We’ve never been a fan of the glare of regular glazing, so usually use reflection-control (non-glare) glass for our framed images. Keeping in line with that principle, we now have our first image mounted behind non-glare acrylic. It is a 15″ by 36″ print of Imperial Polk County Courthouse. You can check it out for yourself at our booth in Winter Havenschedule this weekend.

Beveled-edge Gallery Wraps

We are also testing my latest “brilliant” idea – putting a 30° bevel on our stretcher bars, as shown in the below figure. (To see our normal (‘old’) way of doing our gallery-wrapped canvas prints, see our Services page).

Corner of new beveled-edge gallery wrap
Corner of our new 30°-bevel-edged strainer frame. for gallery-wrapped canvas prints

The idea behind this change is that since we go to the trouble of decorating the edge (so it doesn’t need a frame), maybe we should make it more visible. Of course, that made creating the strainer frame more difficult, stretching the canvas more difficult (we are still perfecting the corner folds), and it impacted the illusion angle. If this experiment is successful, I may have to write articles explaining those updates.

To see the Note click here.To hide the Note click here.
For more on creating our beveled frames, see How To Make Our Beveled Stretcher Bars and How To Make Your Beveled Edges Look Like A Continuation Of Your Image. Both of those links have links to even more information. Enjoy.

For now, the only images with this feature are our large canvas print of Imperial Polk County Courthouse and a medium-sized canvas print of Burrowing Owls. These bevels will only be available in canvas prints using 1½”-thick stretcher bars, not our smaller prints with the ¾”-thick bars. We might also experiment with 45° and/or 22½° bevels.






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