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Which Color Space Should I Use?

I don’t generally write an article on a subject that’s already adequately covered; I only write when I think I can add something new. I’ve reviewed the color space material, and have little to add. But maybe I can at least steer you to the articles with the best information. Equipment Capabilities It is generally […]

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Making A Picture Frame From Dilapidated Fence Pickets

Weird Wood – Part 5 of 5 As you may recall, this series began with Working With Weird Wood: Preface. After reading that, you may be asking yourself, “What happened to Parts 2 through 4 of this series?” After all, I did publish the promised preparatory article Thoughts On Mat Layout and Part 1 of […]

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How To Make Your Beveled Edges Look Like A Continuation Of Your Image

When describing our canvas gallery-wrap optionslink, we mention that the technique we use, the digital stretch wrap, creates an optical illusion. For any given amount of stretch, there is a particular “illusion angle” at which the sides look like an unstretched and uncompressed continuation of the frontthe math. Figure 1 shows that angle for various […]


What’s New: Beveled-edge Gallery Wraps & Non-glare Acrylic

We are testing a couple of new ideas this season: Non-glare Acrylic We first introduced our acrylic-mounted prints back in October, 2016announced, and still have that 16″ by 24″ sample of Trees In Their Twilight mounted behind regular acrylic. We’ve never been a fan of the glare of regular glazing, so usually use reflection-control (non-glare) […]

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We Have Gift Certificates

Somebody asked if we had these back in October, and it sounded like a good idea, so we just finished getting them ready (with only 22 shopping days left for Christmas). We actually have two similar designs. The one below is our less-formal version. You can go to our new Gift Certificates page for more […]