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Special Edition Note Cards – Cape Florida Lighthouse

In collaboration with Martha Kent of the Friends of Cape Florida, we designed a simpler notecard for our Cape Florida Lighthouse image. Like our other cards, this card opens up so that if you really wanted to part with it, you could write one of your friends a note telling them how lucky they were […]

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No More Festivals For Us

As you recall, we had to cancel our last three art festivals of the 2022 spring art festival season because of medical conditions described in We Won’t Be In Cedar Key The Weekend Of April 9th. Although Nancy’s dizziness and nausea are mostly gone, her back pain continues to plague her. Medications do help manage […]

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How To Join Mouldings With 30° & 45° Bevels

And More . . . Get printable version(.pdf) We found that when using moulding with 45° bevels, there isn’t much extra material to work with when trying to make the corner folds while stretching the canvas. Thirty-degree bevels aren’t as bad, so that is what we usually use for stretching our images. I’ve also found […]

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A Contest For Woodworkers: Make Miter Cut Between Differently-beveled Mouldings

I’ve recently written an article about how we make our beveled stretcher mouldinglink for our canvas printswhy. The first illustration in the “Dado Cut” section of that article shows important measurements for both a 30° and 45° bevel. Since then I’ve needed to use both of those on the same frame (see what we have […]

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How To Make Our Beveled Stretcher Bars

Get printable version(.pdf) As I mentioned (and showed) in What’s New: Beveled-edge Gallery Wraps & Non-glare Acrylic, we’ve started putting bevels on the edges of our gallery-wrapped canvas images. The bad news is that you cannot buy beveled stretcher (or strainer) bars in any store; you have to make your own. The good news is […]