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Burrowing Owls – Our Newest Addition

In May we visited Brian Piccolo Sports Park in Cooper City in the early morning with our friend, Brian Rapoza, to get burrowing owl pictures.

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Brian is an old friend who we first introduced in 2012blog and later contributed to Why You Haven’t Seen Any Painted Buntings.

While there, Nancy got a few pictures. This is the one she likes best.

Burrowing owls

For more information, you can go to our Burrowing Owls page. If you hurry, you can have Print #1 either on fine art paper or canvas up to at least 23″ by 35″. Soon we will be making a few prints for our next art festival, which is still scheduled for Odessa in early Decemberannounced.

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Athene cunicularia is a beautiful species of owl. I feel worried because I know that this species of owl is in danger of extinction. But, I often see owls that usually live in trees. Why do these owls live in a burrow?

Burrowing Owls have adapted to living in mostly treeless grassland habitats by burrowing underground to roost and nest.

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