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The Newest Addition To Our Metamorphosis Collection

We just finished putting together our long-promised prequel to the Emerging Monarch image that has long been a magnet to elementary school teachers and other nature lovers.

Pupating Monarch
A composite of ten photographs showing the transition of a Monarch Butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis

This project just took at least three days of editing. Nancy took the photographs (a six-hour process) over six years ago and continued making artistic decisions for the duration of the project. You can get more details of this image at Pupating Monarch.

We have not printed any of these yet but will have them available in October for our next art festival. You could be the proud owner of Print #1 if you contact us soon. As discussed in an earlier postlink, our plans still include making a laminated poster. Although that may not happen until the end of this year, we will announce when they are ready. Nancy also recently mentioned an image showing the development (mostly color changes) of the chrysalis over time and upgrading our image of the Monarch Butterfly life cycle. Stay tuned for further developments.





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