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An Overdue Thank You To For Best Blog List

In April 2020, Anuj Agarwal of advised us that this blog was on their list of the 100 Best Photography Blogs. I know you’ve all gotten an email from “Who’s Who (Somewhere)” at some point, and we’ve received a number of requests from ‘teachers’ whose kids, in their latest research project, discovered a website that would make a great addition to our Links page. (There is actually one of those there now.) Of course I was suspicious, even though there were no acceptance or processing fees. He only requested that I briefly mention the Top 100 Photography Blogs list.  We just ignored his message.

That message just bubbled back to the top of my desk so I looked a little deeper. Feedspot appears to be a respected source. And Bee Happy Graphics is still on the list, currently at #89, despite any lack of fiscal or other valuable consideration on our part. I’m not sure, but we may even have risen in the rankings since then. Wow! Thank you, Feedspot.

Considering that they look at thousands of blogs, that’s not too shabby. Most of the top photography blogs are from larger corporate schools, publishers, equipment dealers, and so forth. So among individual photographers, we did okay. Also, consider that this is among ALL photographer blogs, not just one of the smaller subcategories (of which, we do Wildlife, Nature, and Landscape photography; to a lesser extent Travel and Night photography, and even some Black & White). As you’ve seen, this blog is more than a portfolio of pretty pictures. We discuss all aspects of creating and displaying our art. Our topics span twelve different categoriesDescribed.

To be sure, there are quite a number of outstanding photographers out there, and we all have our niche. We at Bee Happy Graphics can only try to continue to provide you with the best information and art that we can create. Thanks again, Feedspot, for the recognition. And thank you, dear reader, for being here.






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