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revised 6/12/2020

Some Blog History

We’ve chronicled the story of our first 200 blog articles in an earlier postblog. Since then (August 2018), I’ve redeveloped and described our twelve blog categories in An Explanation Of Our Groups and have made it easier to subscribe to any combination of blog categories a la carte (notice column to the right of this article). This last season, I even started putting out a clipboard at our booth for those who wanted to sign up. When you sign up, you will receive an email with a link to each new blog article in your chosen category as it is published.

The RSS Feeds

Now, we have created five RSS feeds, each targeting a different audience.

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RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is a way to have blog articles and podcasts delivered automatically to your browser. Most browsers have RSS readers. There are companies like Inoreader and Feedly that also have a free version of their reader with at least limited functionality (this is not an endorsement – what I’ve just explained is all I know about these two companies). For more information about RSS feeds, check out What Is an RSS Feed? (And Where to Get It) at

The feeds are:

  • Bee Happy Graphics for Art Lovers, which primarily includes articles from categories Images, Nature & Wildlife, Promotions, Upcoming Events, and Recognition;
  • Bee Happy Graphics for Photographers with articles primarily from categories Photography, Post-processing, Business, Images, Nature & Wildlife, Travel, and Other topics;
  • Bee Happy Graphics for Printers & Framers, bringing the Business, Printing & Framing, and Other topics categories;
  • Bee Happy Graphics for Teachers, focussing on the categories Applied math, Nature & Wildlife, Promotions, and Travel; and finally
  • the Bee Happy Graphics blog, which will bring you everything.

When you visit our home page (, your RSS reader should find our feeds. If not, you may need to go to the bottom of the “Recent Blog Posts” box at the bottom of that page and click on the appropriate button. That will open a pop-up box with a web address (URL) that you may need to copy and paste into your RSS reader. For your convenience, I’ve added those buttons here:

feed iconfeed iconfeed iconfeed iconfeed icon

What You Get (and Don’t Get)

First, what you don’t get are ads or other promotions.  Our website and blog have hundreds of pages but not one single ad.  We will not sell or give away your address or any other information and will not use it for no other purpose than to provide you with the latest news from Bee Happy Graphics.

So How Many Articles Will I Get?

To give you an indication of what to expect, here are the number of articles you would have received had each of these options been established and had you signed up for each option for the one year ending April 18, 2020:

Whole Blog46
Bee Happy Graphics (BHG) for Art Lovers32
BHG for Photographers10
BHG for Printers & Framers5
BHG for Teachers13
Applied Math category4
Business category7
Images category9
Nature & Wildlife6
Printing & Framing4
Upcoming Events23
Other Topics2

Keep in mind that an article may fit into more than one group/category and could appeal to more than one audience (that is why the sum of the feed totals and the sum of the category totals are both more than the total number of articles). 

That total number of articles in a year is typical for us, and I am happy that I was able to keep the number of non-‘Upcoming Events’ articles at or above 50%. My ultimate goal of 60% could be challenging, however.  For one thing, it has not been my policy to discuss an idea that has already been adequately covered elsewhere.  And during the art festival season, I have little time to develop the ideas that do occur.  It was also good to see that there was some balance; no category (besides Upcoming Events) hogged too much attention, and no category was ignored. I might need to give Printers & Framers a little more love, but I already have a few ideas and have made a few promises for articles that should keep them happy.

In Conclusion . . .

Go ahead and sign up for whatever you think might be helpful or interesting. And if you have a question, an idea for an article, or even a new category, leave a comment below (or a private blog comment by following the link at the top of the right column). Thank you.


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