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A Second Practical Mat(h) Problem

OK, here’s another problem inspired by matting pictures.   Suppose you have an image that you want to put in a standard 16″ by 20″ mat.   You can print the image any size but want to keep the original 2:3 aspect ratio (meaning that the length will always be 50% longer than the width so that you won’t lose any of the image due to cropping).   You want the mat to be the same width on all four sides.   Although standard mats overlap the image by 1/4″, this is not a standard hole, so I like to use a 1/8″ overlap (which would be riskier with borderless prints).   The first question is, “How large should you print the picture?” Mathematically, there is only one correct answer to this question.   Once you figure it out, how wide should I cut the mat (where do I set the mat guide on the mat cutter)?

Another Mat Problem
Another Mat Problem

The Prize

Email your answer to   The first three correct answers will receive $7 off any print and another $7 off if you choose to frame (or gallery-wrap) the image. As before, I will publish some responses, but not immediately. So that nobody dies from the suspense, we will put a one-month deadline on this offer. Prizes may be redeemed any time after the winners are announced.   Good luck!



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