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Better Access To Tips and Techniques

Lately, when I’ve mentioned a new article on the website, I told you that you could only reach it from this blog or maybe the Bee Happy Graphics FAQ page (which you couldn’t get to directly either), or the website sitemap page. That has changed.

I finally got around to adding a “Tips & Techniques” tab to the main menu, between “Products” and “About Us.”   On the “Tips & Techniques” submenu, there are four choices: “Frequently Asked Questions” (our FAQ), “Photography & Equipment,” “Image Editing/Processing,” and “Printing, Framing, etc.”.   The questions on the FAQ page have answers right there at the bottom of the page, but the other three submenu choices go to a page with links to individual article pages.   Check it out.

This change has not yet propagated to the menus on all the individual image pages; stay tuned.   Also, I haven’t yet solved the problem of the menus being available or working on all smartphones; you may have to keep using the sitemap page for the time being [We have solved this problem].   I appreciate your patience.


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