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Check Out Our New F(requently) A(sked) Q(uestions) Page

I’ve just published our answers to what I think are the most common questions we get asked as photographers at art festivals.  The questions include:

  • What’s the best camera for nature and wildlife photography?
  • So if brand is not important, what is?
  • Which lens do you recommend?
  • Is the full-size sensor really better?
  • Which picture size/quality setting should I choose?
  • Do you have a preference between RAW and JPEG?
  • Where did the name “Bee Happy Graphics” come from?

If a common question slipped my mind, please let me know, and I’ll add that question to the list.  But don’t fret; if your question isn’t common enough to make the list but is a really good question (or I have a really good answer), I could select it to answer right here in the blog.  And as your teachers would tell you “There are no stupid questions”.

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Your teachers were giving you the simple answer; of course there are stupid questions, but as a student there is absolutely no way for you to know enough about the subject yet to tell which are which, so don’t try to self-regulate.  It would have horrified your teacher to think that a good question and learning opportunity got away because a student felt inhibited. That’s why they train themselves not to laugh even at what they consider the most ridiculous of questions (and don’t think they aren’t tested by their students). The teacher that laughed at you that one time (yeah, you remember who I’m talking about) should have been fired. On the other hand, if you were to ask me the question whose answer I have just written on the board at the front of the classroom, all bets are off.
I will answer all other questions privately (while I reserve the option of publishing the answer at some later time).

Keep in mind that our answers to these questions are based on our requirements and perspective, and may not be universally applicable.  I welcome different answers from others with experience under different circumstances or with a different perspective.

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