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Introducing “Cape Florida Lighthouse”

Here’s another lighthouse picture that I forgot to mention. Nancy was born and raised in Miami, and the Cape Florida Light, on the south tip of Key Biscayne, has a special place in her heart. Back in the day, it was red because decades of neglect had allowed Atlantic storms to sandblast all the white paint off of the bricks. And before the state bought the property in 1966 (and later turned it into Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park), one would have to walk down the beach from Crandon Park to reach it. It was finally repainted during the restoration of the mid-1990s (at which point many native Miamians, for whom the bricks were all they had ever seen, thought the restorers were ruining their lighthouse).

Cape Florida Lighthouse
Cape Florida Lighthouse

Nancy took this picture from the beach north of the lighthouse late one afternoon in 2010. The original image was in color. We just added this image to our collection late in 2014. We give just a little more of the lighthouse’s rich history on our website.



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