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Just Published: Our 300th Blog Post

Lake Wales Art Festival – The First Of Our Season?, published January 28th, was our 300th blog post. I like to make these milestones an opportunity to look back on our progress.

It has taken almost 30 months to publish the last 100 blog posts, which is slightly longer than the previous 100, but I’ll blame COVID-19 for that. Since our 200th blog post on August 8, 2018reported, 45 of our posts have been about upcoming events. This is slightly more than in the previous one hundred posts but still on target. (Still, with the extended Florida art festival off-season, I was hoping I would have been able to publish a few more of the articles I had promised.) The next three most common categories were Business (with 19 posts), Images (with 18), and Nature and Wildlife (13). Although Business was on par with the previous interval, the others were better. And just about every other category was better represented than before.

For the next 100 posts, I will continue to try to lower the Upcoming Event ratio by increasing the number of articles in other categories. I still have promises to keep. But change will probably be slow.





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