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Red-bellied Woodpecker – Our Newest Image

Nancy just took this photograph last month. We’ve had these woodpeckers in our yard, but never did one just hang out in the Jatropha tree (where our bird feeders and other birds are) just outside the kitchen window before. There were no screens in those windows at the time, so Nancy carefully rolled up the awning windows and took a few shots while standing in the kitchen. We almost never see the red belly, so this shot was even more special.

male red-bellied woodpecker

At our next festival in Bradentonannounced, we should have a matted print of this picture available. For more information about this image, see our webpage Red-bellied Woodpecker.



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One response to “Red-bellied Woodpecker – Our Newest Image”

  1. Bruce Moreland Avatar
    Bruce Moreland

    On the Red-bellied Woodpecker page of our website, we’ve invited anyone which a better name for this woodpecker to contact us. An unidentified male visitor to our booth at the Lake Wales Art Festival suggested “red-capped woodpecker”. I’ve checked a few bird lists; that name doesn’t appear to be in use.

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