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Certificates Of Authenticity Shipping This Week

Although it has been four years since our last updateblog, we have not been idle. I had a campaign the first quarter of 2017 and another one that October to create certificates. Most of those efforts were geared toward having the certificates available in our booth as we sold a picture, and neither campaign was completed. In April 2018, we did improve the design of our certificates.

But now it looks like God has gone to great lengths to eliminate distractions (with the current COVID-19 policies), so I feel confident we can finally finish this project soon. Only Nancy can stop me now! 😎 Certificates will start going out today. First, we are mailing the ones we have already printed (but overlooked), then we will send the rest of the certificates for images already sold, and then we will finally complete the certificates for the work we have in stock. If you don’t get your certificate by the end of the month, let us know. And again, thank you for your patience!






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