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Another Milestone: Our 100th Art Festival

Our first regular two-day art festival began on April 24, 2010schedule, at Pioneer Days in High Springs. We had just bought our Trimline tent.

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Booth on 10/31/2009 We had done a few one-day trials locally, starting October 31, 2009 (shown here), with the EZ-Up tent we had used with our scout troop and some easels we borrowed from our camera club. You can click on (booth) whenever you see it in the left column of Where To Find Us to see the evolution of our booth.

Our last festival of 2018 in Lutzschedule was our 100th regular two-day festival. Although that averages a little over ten shows a year, we did seventeen festivals the year before we reached this milestone (which may be a little too much). All one hundred shows were in Florida, where the art festival season runs from the beginning of October to the beginning of May. I can’t give any estimate on how long it will take us to complete the next 100 festivals (or if we will ever make it).






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