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Our Newest Image – A Gigapan With The Solar Eclipse

When I gave suggestions for shooting the solar eclipse in Miamilink, we didn’t have any plans to shoot it ourselves. But about twenty hours before it started, I got another one of my “brilliant ideas.” Then Nancy & I worked to make it happen.

You can read about our newest image, Eclipse Over Long Pine Key, on our website.  We’ve also put it on the GigaPan website so you can zoom in real close and see birds in the trees (but more pinecones) and sunspots. This is the first of the large panoramas that we’ve published that uses our Gigapan motor drive to take hundreds of pictures shot with a telephoto lens, and third-party stitching software to get very large and detailed images.

Eclipse Over Long Pine Key

One reply on “Our Newest Image – A Gigapan With The Solar Eclipse”

Incredible feat of photography and post processing. The amount of planning with only 20 hours time is a salute to your talents. Fantastic image and even more so in person.

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